About Us

Aaron Miller is a U.S. Army veteran that served in the Iraq campaign in 2003. Aaron currently is serving his country in the Air National Guard in his home state of Virginia. As a civilian, he manages his business, the Beverley Cigar Store and serves his community within the VFW Post 7418 in his local city of Staunton.

Aaron believes very much in the core values taught to him. He knows that to be the best you can be you must continue to learn and grow as an individual throughout your life. You must find the lessons that every day can teach. While also passing on his knowledge by being an example. At the Beverley Cigar Store, he focuses on spreading his knowledge and passion for cigars and pipes, to everyone. Teaching the art and beauty of a finely aged and handmade product.

Aaron has secured his beautiful location at 2 East Beverley Street in Staunton, VA. A setting he sees as wonderful as the products he sells. He understands that the environment is very important to fully relax and enjoy a cigar or bowl properly.

Aaron is a trained non-commissioned officer. Certified from NCOA, non-commissioned officer academy and holds a CCAF, community college of Air Force degree. 

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